Ask Miss Avon Blog #84: Help for Students Without Internet Access

Dear Miss Avon:   School students in homes without Internet access, what can be done to help when schools are totally online?

For students without Internet access, these are the 7 things that may help for right now while schools are in the “sudden upheaval but struggling to survive mode.”

  1. designating each student a special telephone school tutor like a phone pal to help each student on an as needed basis (used to be called a Computer Help Desk when schools first started using computers)
  2. mailing offline printed instructional packets and students returning homework back by postal mail or school homework drop box
  3. making school iPads available for students to use at home free of charge with Internet connectivity available by new designated Wi-Fi spots
  4. making a school bus a Wifi hotspot that offers free broadband
  5. getting school bus drivers to continue their regular route but to deliver meals, instruction packets, and to pick up homework
  6. creating new designated parking lot areas as school Wifi hotspots
  7. delivering classroom instruction by televisionAsl miss Avon Tem talk blog 84