Popularity of Adult Coloring Books in a Digital World–Why? Top 10 Reasons

What is the reason for the growing popularity of coloring books? Based on Good Reads and Redditt research

  1. gifts

  2. relaxing

  3. entertainment

  4. socializing

  5. teamworking

  6. unwinding or rewinding

  7. harmless hobby

  8. during long flights

  9. during medical recovery

  10. reducing stress or anxiety



Should Baby Boomer 1st Timers Take Their 1st Course Online?

online courses for beginners
Should I take this course online?

It depends on:

  • the 1st timers comfort level with using new technology 
  • proficiency level using up-to-date hardware and software
  • learning style
  • attention span
  • access to face-to-face support as needed when needed 
  • attitude
  • online facilitator’s instructional delivery method(s)

Best Suggestion

Take a Free Try-Out Class: Enroll in a free, or under $5, online course.  Libraries, senior centers, senior organizations, and free courseware sites–these are places to find free or under $5 beginner courses. 

Let’s Travel – Virtual Christmas Travel: Ready, Let’s Go!

Christmas, FloridaWe will visit the Christmas History Park. Then, go by the post office to mail friends and Santa post cards from Christmas.

Santa Claus, Indiana: Let’s stop in for a visit to the Santa Claus Museum, then the Santa Christmas Store, and next see what on the menu at Santa’s Lodge.

Bethlehem, Pennsylvania: Three things we will enjoy: Strolling around Christmas City Village, going to the Moravian Museum, seeing how Moravian cookies get made.

Computer Puzzle Answer Key

Puzzle in our book at http://www.amazon.com/-/e/B01MRY0HZX



ARROW                                  FILE                                        MAXIMIZE

CAPS                                      FLASH DRIVE                       MENU

CLOUD                                   GOOGLE                                MOUSE

CPU                                        ICON                                       PASSWORD

DELETE                                 INBOX                                    PRINT

DESKTOP                               ISP                                          SWIPE

EBAY                                     KEYBOARD                           URL

EMAIL                                    LOGIN

Welcome Word Processing Workshop Participants

What a great opportunity to find out what word processing is! If you are a beginner with a little Internet & typing experience, this course is for you.  Dr. Canty, a certified MOS Word specialist, will show you how to create and customize documents for yourself, friends, family, and associates.

gtradsWord Processing Workshops

  • Treasure Hunt & WORD Talk
  • Your Own Fee-Free Greeting Cards
  • 1,2,3 Draw: Illustrate with Pictures
  • Best Social Networking Practices
  • Brain Train with Word Processing Neurobics
  • Blogging and Online Selling
  • Play Ball 114 Words Competition
  • New Event or Robot Species Flyer
  • Your Edible Word Processing Craft Project
  • Tell Your 1-Sentence Tale
  • Better Than Theirs Resume & Cover Letter

Short Test and Course Certificate