Digital Tech Knowledge Fitness Score: Do You Know Yours?

TEL percon centered digital literacy

Experienced Tech Device and Computer Users
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Absolute Beginners, Newbies, or Hunt & Peckers
Answer 4 questions. Place a check by the truthful answer to each question.

  1. I can type 15 or more accurate words per minute using both hands.


___No, I do not type at all, or I just hunt & peck a little.

___I do not type with both hands, or I do not understand words per minute.

  1. I use the Internet for

__school, work, business, fun, research, social media, information

__I do not use the Internet because I do not know how.


  1. How many software packages do you know how to use?

___Word, Excel, or PowerPoint

___I do not use software, or I do not understand what it is.

___I use software other than Microsoft Office.

  1. Have you ever taken a computer or related technology class and passed?



___ No, but I would like to.

Key: If your truthful answers are “No or Do Not” to questions 2, 3 and 4, your digital tech fitness score could show proficient within 30 days. That is, by taking an appropriate, digital education basic beginner’s technology course.


Future Bots To Hire Right Now!

“May I help you,” says A. I. Robbie, the artificially intelligent robotic bot. If given a choice, will your answer to A. I. Robbie and similar bots like these here below be “Yes”?

  1. Woebot: Monitors mood, and helps people feel better–less depressed
  2. Baldness Bot: Harvests and replants hair faster than most hair doctors can
  3. CoBot: Adds an extra arm or hand(s) while working side by side with a human worker to increase quality and/or quantity of production
  4. Surgical Bot: Maps body or organs systems to reduce the need for invasive types of surgeryth

Typing/Computer Keyboarding – The 3 Worst Styles of Hunt & Pecking

“I was afraid of the Internet… because I couldn’t type.”  Jack Welch

Decades of professional observation, show that the three worst styles of hunt and peck typing, computer keyboarding are:  

Quick 2-finger hunt and pecking – rapid hit on any key followed by lots of backspacing and deleting to correct lots of mistakenly hit keys

60 second gaze hunt and pecking – gaze at everything on the keyboard for about 30 to 60 seconds before very apprehensively pressing the right key

One finger hunt and mash pecking – hovering over the keyboard with one finger then banging down too hard on the right key

People who can key at a rate of 15 accurate words or more a minute with both hands may truly have a more enjoyable Internet usage experience than those who do not key at all or, especially when typing/keying for professional and school needs.hunt_and_peck_animation_by_fowlhunter-d39l6zc

Rise of the Parent Droids: The International Certified Home School Parent Exam

The Parent Droid’s mission is to help parents prepare to pass their certification exam. Droids are for parents, grandparents, and guardians. Droids work in homes or public education designations, and can be rented by the subject or by the curriculum.

Parent certification is extremely valuable both financially, socially, and domestically. But, parents earning certification to date, 2118, are extremely rare.


…..from the future

part of the iVan & Ivanna self-diver’s series by Dr. Katie Canty

image from Pixabay

9 New Living In a Digital World Training Opportunities



NOTE: Designed for non-computer users & experienced computer users

CONTACT: Dr. Katie Canty at seniortechacademy@yahoo to schedule 1 or more workshops

  • Pinterest is a pin board-style photo sharing website that allows users to create and manage theme-based image collections such as events, interests, hobbies, and more. Users can browse other pin boards for inspiration, “re-pin” images to their own pin boards, or “like” photos. Pinterest is a tool for collecting and organizing things you love.
  • How to Boost Your Brain Power Through Computer Use – See What Online Activities Give Aging Brains a Boost
  • Exercise for Arthritis? There’s an App for That An innovative health program blends digital experiences with face-to-face support. Physical activity really does help. Learn how to make exercise work for you.
  • Introduction to Desktop Publishing Project How to Create Your Own New Coloring Book Project + Emoji for Seniors
  • Introduction to Word Processing EssentialsWe will cover the creation of your first document. You’ll learn to move around in your document, using formatting marks, moving text by using Cut and Paste, and changing line spacing and alignment.
  • Editing & Sharing Your Photos -See the Easy Way to Digitize Old Photos
  • e-mail Fundamentals Orientation You’ve Got Mail
  • How to Stay Connected with Social Media
  • An Octogenarian’s Unexpected Online Love Story + Not Your Typical Uplifting Senior Storiesachievement-agreement-arms-1068523

Must Have Future Self-Driving Devices

Self-Driving Country Club Golf Bags. A robotic self-driving suitcase is steering itself alongside iVan & iVanna’s family when they go to the airport on the way to their vacation resort.  At the resort, a  self-driving bag of golf-clubs is available for rent.

 The luggage and golf bag have 4 wheel drive, obstacle avoiding sensors, and like other self-powering devices of the future, there is no battery to charge.

Information Resource book: 

Self-Driving Cars Sci-Fi Fantasy Shortest Stories

Future Self-Driving Car’s Stories & Activities for Smart Kids

activity background bags close
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