Ask Miss Avon – Digital Senior Center 30 Second Blog #3


Dear Miss Avon

Has anyone created a STEM program yet that that focuses nationally on senior center age adults? I think that such program would benefit school kids being raised or influenced by grandparents who did not grow up with computers and STEM—science, technology, education, & math career emphasis in schools.

Yes, the program is STEM50+–Senior Technology Education Movement for Ages 50 Plus.  As new technology emerges, the STEM50+ mission is to significantly increase tech usage, knowledge, and skills of senior center age adults via specialized, replicable, fun training that can make life easier and better in meaningful ways for multi-generational families.  


STEM50+ Creator, Dr. Katie Canty




15418313_1841405462808357_7555800418340322283_oDear Miss Avon

We bought Granny a new Chrome Book for Christmas last year, but she tossed it in her junk closet.  How can we interest Granny in using technology?

Can Granny attend a very short course at a senior center?   A good professor usually knows how to engage seniors in the joys of learning how to use a new computer device.  Standalone computer screens at centers are usually bigger, which seniors seem to like a lot better.  Granny may enjoy learning in a supportive environment where there are others of her age and ability.