Where Are The Online Typing, Computer Keyboarding 2-Week Camps?

Dear Prospective Computer Keyboarding/Typing Campers

At the new 2-week typing camps, campers age 13 to 98 will be using Typing.com, an online typing tutor, to learn about proper touch-typing techniques and improve computer keyboarding skills. Learning to touch type helps learners to be more productive and better prepared for success in our digital world. Course completers can earn a typing certificate.

There is opportunity to practice and master the keyboard one lesson at a time. Typists can pick up where they left off in the course which displays a keyboard and hand diagram to reinforce proper finger placement.

Self-enroll with your own individual email account. Access typing.com from any personal computer (with an internet connection and modern web browser). From the teacher account, Dr. Kate, your typing teacher can monitor and review your progress and track important statistics like typing speed, accuracy, and time spent typing.

Welcome to camp. Select the desired camp based on your current typing ability and enroll today.

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