Computer Joke And No Joking Riddle: Heard This One, Yet?

Dear Miss Avon Blog #505

Heard any good computer jokes lately?

Joke/Riddle:  How to you make friends with a computer?

Answer: a little bit at a time

The part that is not a joke is this: There is a non-profit computer academy for beginner digital literacy seekers called, 1 Byte Computer Literacy, Inc. One group of beginners learned so much in about 6 weeks that they became published authors.

Parents Need Digital Literacy Skills, Too!

Dear Miss Avon

My parent wants to home school. But, honestly beyond hunting and pecking to send an occasional text, the parent is basically digitally illiterate. How can I help?

One of the best things a home school parent/grandparent can do is to demonstrate digital literacy skills and knowledge that benefit the family. One of the best ways to begin to acquire digital skills is to learn to type well with all 10 fingers on a digital keyboard in an easy short less than 10 lesson course.

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Digital Citizenship 101 Cybersafety Class

Just for Grownups

Dear Miss Avon

You know, Miss Avon, us kids aren’t the only ones who need good digital education skills. Is there an approved, good digital education class going on out there for older grownups like my neighbors and grandparents? They will probably attend if it meets in a physical location most of the time rather than just online.

Answer: Digital citizenship for grownups like grandparents and elderly neighbors may not yet be the title of a course that meets mostly on site. It is a good idea, though.

There are adult technology classes that incorporate digital citizenship skill building lessons. And, yes, the class(es) may have onsite, online, or a hybrid mix of online and onsite availability. Classes are usually available at your local community college, senior center, public library, or university OLLI program.

Ask Miss Avon Blog #84: Help for Students Without Internet Access

Dear Miss Avon:   School students in homes without Internet access, what can be done to help when schools are totally online?

For students without Internet access, these are the 7 things that may help for right now while schools are in the “sudden upheaval but struggling to survive mode.”

  1. designating each student a special telephone school tutor like a phone pal to help each student on an as needed basis (used to be called a Computer Help Desk when schools first started using computers)
  2. mailing offline printed instructional packets and students returning homework back by postal mail or school homework drop box
  3. making school iPads available for students to use at home free of charge with Internet connectivity available by new designated Wi-Fi spots
  4. making a school bus a Wifi hotspot that offers free broadband
  5. getting school bus drivers to continue their regular route but to deliver meals, instruction packets, and to pick up homework
  6. creating new designated parking lot areas as school Wifi hotspots
  7. delivering classroom instruction by televisionAsl miss Avon Tem talk blog 84

Top 12 “The New Normal” Pandemic Changes

TEM Talks – Tech Education Moment Blog #64

Dear Miss Avon

What will “the New Normal” pandemic changes look like in the future?

The “New Normal” after the pandemic changes are likely to include these 12 things.

  1. attending church, funeral, graduation and related program events anywhere, anytime, online rather than at a physical building location
  2. attending business meetings and conferences online rather than in person
  3. cleaning public and common area surfaces and spaces much more frequently
  4. going to the movies, concerts, or sports events via a streaming service rather than in person
  5. home schooling rather than public schooling via distance learning
  6. online grocery and retail shopping rather than in a physical store shopping
  7. preparing more meals at home and less family restaurant dining
  8. private transportation rather than on a crowded bus, airline, ship, or train
  9. seeing the doctor online rather than via an office visit
  10. staying socially connected online rather than at physical site locations
  11. working from home rather than working from the corporate office location
  12. requiring health checks before starting work or using a public or group facility

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IoT The Internet of Things: The Good, the Bad, the Ugly for Seniors

Dear Miss Avon: What is the good, the bad, the ugly of IoT for seniors (Internet of Things)?  TEM Talks Tech Education Moment Blog #54

The Good: IoT is terrific for seniors during the current season of social distancing communications and such.  IoT can help seniors to stay healthier and self-sufficient longer. That is, for seniors who have access, know how, and will use IoT technology.

The Bad:   There are still major Digital Divide issues in many homes where seniors do not have Wi-Fi connectivity, up-to-date Internet devices, or someone competent and patient enough to show them how to install and/or use IoT gadgetry.

The Ugly: There are still significant numbers of seniors with trust issues when it comes to using IoT technology, especially for banking and bill paying.

The internet of things is collecting and sharing data over the Internet by adding sensors and intelligence to ordinary, everyday objects to make the objects smart. This could include water bottles that tell you how much water you drank today, toothbrushes that measure mouth cleanliness, refrigerators that order restock supplies for you; telemedicine monitoring shoes, socks, and watches; self-driving and conversational lawnmowers, trucks, and cars.


Where Are The Online Typing, Computer Keyboarding 2-Week Camps?

Dear Prospective Computer Keyboarding/Typing Campers

At the new 2-week typing camps, campers age 13 to 98 will be using, an online typing tutor, to learn about proper touch-typing techniques and improve computer keyboarding skills. Learning to touch type helps learners to be more productive and better prepared for success in our digital world. Course completers can earn a typing certificate.

There is opportunity to practice and master the keyboard one lesson at a time. Typists can pick up where they left off in the course which displays a keyboard and hand diagram to reinforce proper finger placement.

Self-enroll with your own individual email account. Access from any personal computer (with an internet connection and modern web browser). From the teacher account, Dr. Kate, your typing teacher can monitor and review your progress and track important statistics like typing speed, accuracy, and time spent typing.

Welcome to camp. Select the desired camp based on your current typing ability and enroll today.

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