Ask Miss Avon – Digital Senior Center 30 Second Blog #5

askmissavontechblog5onlinedigitalseniorcenterbydrkatiecantyOnsite TED Talks, Offsite E-Adventures, and/or Tech Knowledge Personal Training Boot Camp Days are 3 ways to include relevant technology in your senior center’s activities.

Onsite TED Talks – Technology, Entertainment, and Design is what the non-profit organization TED is about. TED makes amazing ideas accessible and sparks interesting conversations. Your center will need a comfortable environment for viewing of a 15 to 30-minute talk video, a group for follow up discussion, and an enthusiastic discussion leader.

Offsite E-Adventure Workshop – An E-adventure involves a short, easy, hands-on session(s) for increasing awareness, acquiring experience, or building confidence in using new technology. Your senior center will need to co-sponsor with a tech business and provide group transportation to the tech facility which might be at a mall, shopping center, special event area, or campus.

Tech Knowledge Personal Training Boot Camp Day(s)Registration or sign-up is required 2 weeks or more ahead of training.

Hardware Basic Training Boot Camp Day(s): One on one instruction for using tech devices like iPads, kindles, tablets, iPhones, or personal computers. Training is provided by tech savvy students.  Your senior center will need to coordinate with a local high school or college. Ask if there is a student service learning program. Software Basic Training Boot Camp Day(s):  Instruction is provided to a group of 4 or less by a tech savvy adult volunteer retiree who can and will teach free of charge.  For a volunteer computer teacher, your center will need to contact local retiree organizations such as retired teachers and computer instructor associations.

Important: Encourage participation with flyers, online, and word of mouth communications. Indicate that everyone can participate:  No prior tech knowledge, tech aspirations, or ownership of a tech device should be required to attend.

Yes, technology training should be relevant to the needs or interests of participants. Tech topics of interest now trending include:

  1. Google Tools for Everyone
  2. Internet Basics & Beyond
  3. There’s an App for That
  4. Blogging for Baby Boomers
  5. How Not to Go Broke Buying & Selling Online
  6. Money & Cryptocurrencies
  7. Re-thinking Aging
  8. On-line Socializing & Dating Best Practices
  9. Virtual Reality Field Trips to the Future & Back
  10. Make Amazing Stuff at Home Using 3D Printing Technology