Computer Joke And No Joking Riddle: Heard This One, Yet?

Dear Miss Avon Blog #505

Heard any good computer jokes lately?

Joke/Riddle:  How to you make friends with a computer?

Answer: a little bit at a time

The part that is not a joke is this: There is a non-profit computer academy for beginner digital literacy seekers called, 1 Byte Computer Literacy, Inc. One group of beginners learned so much in about 6 weeks that they became published authors.

Parents Need Digital Literacy Skills, Too!

Dear Miss Avon

My parent wants to home school. But, honestly beyond hunting and pecking to send an occasional text, the parent is basically digitally illiterate. How can I help?

One of the best things a home school parent/grandparent can do is to demonstrate digital literacy skills and knowledge that benefit the family. One of the best ways to begin to acquire digital skills is to learn to type well with all 10 fingers on a digital keyboard in an easy short less than 10 lesson course.