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What is Digital Wellness and how do I know if I am digitally well?

Digital wellness is your psychological and physical level(s) of comfort in an ever-changing world of technology. To be digitally well, keep your mind and body safe and healthy by using technology that benefits you and yours in a positive way(s).

Digital Tech Knowledge Fitness Score: Do You Know Yours?

TEL percon centered digital literacy

Experienced Tech Device and Computer Users
You can take your test online and get a score at:

Good luck. Hope you PASS.

Absolute Beginners, Newbies, or Hunt & Peckers
Answer 4 questions. Place a check by the truthful answer to each question.

  1. I can type 15 or more accurate words per minute using both hands.


___No, I do not type at all, or I just hunt & peck a little.

___I do not type with both hands, or I do not understand words per minute.

  1. I use the Internet for

__school, work, business, fun, research, social media, information

__I do not use the Internet because I do not know how.


  1. How many software packages do you know how to use?

___Word, Excel, or PowerPoint

___I do not use software, or I do not understand what it is.

___I use software other than Microsoft Office.

  1. Have you ever taken a computer or related technology class and passed?



___ No, but I would like to.

Key: If your truthful answers are “No or Do Not” to questions 2, 3 and 4, your digital tech fitness score could show proficient within 30 days. That is, by taking an appropriate, digital education basic beginner’s technology course.