Imagine a World in Which People Do Not Type: The Day My Computers iVan & iVanna Quit!

Imagine a World in Which People Do Not TypeThe Day My Computers iVan & iVanna Quit!

by Dr. Katie Canty, Professor Computer Keyboarding 2-Week Training Camp                                  

keyboard-3414911__340Imagine a world where there are no keyboarding/tying input devices. We call this the day my computer keyboards quit! If data entry computers quit, you might want to cover your ears. There is likely to be a lot going on like hollering, yelling, screeching, and maybe cussing, too.  Imagine a conversation like this.

Child to iVana: Type the essay for school for me.

iVanna to Child: I am not programmed to type your school papers. My artificial intelligence does tell me to tell you to think and type for yourself, Child. I quit!

“OK, says, the Child. Go ahead and quit. I will ask iVan.”

iVan to the Child: I quit, too. But, I did tell your parents and teachers about your request before I quit.robot-2676510__340 iVan and iVanna self-drive off to join other AI’s , artificial intelligence computers that think for themselves, on an international, unannounced holiday of technology down time.

Computer Classes with Senior Citizens Bringing Their Own Devices – Are Classes Successful?

Two recommendations for success, if th2Computer Basics 101e students are absolute newbies to using computers:

  1. Have a senior citizen student to teacher ratio of no more than 2 students per teacher, assistant, or computer coach.
  2. Require students to enroll in a short, pre-course device workshop. One of the most important, often overlooked details is to make sure that each student can see and comfortably read information on their device screen. Make sure that each student’s device can access the Internet from your class location. Help students to understand that teachers and coaches do not stop class in order to find device passwords, load required software, or to fix device hardware.

My personal preference is to teach a class of 8 to 10 newbie senior citizens with a couple of computer coach assistants on standalone computers or on bigger screen devices all from the same computer company.