Articles – Some Funny, All Tech Relevant to Seniors

Article 1   Home Healthcare Virtual Monitoring – Interested?

Would you be interested in allowing your healthcare provider or hospital system to set you up for patient virtual office visits via your phone, tablet, or desktop computer? Cable company broadband connections are now more than just for television. The big focus of cable companies is now on data and services: Services that include bringing the kind of technology into the home that can enable seniors to age in place more easily.

Article 2   Smile, Your Home Camera Monitoring System Is On!

New homes come with built in connections for living the digital lifestyle! Some call this type of home a smart home. There are digital photo frames, talking assistants, occupancy sensors, facial recognition keyless entry, temperature monitors, emergency in need of help sensors,  and even refrigerator monitoring assistants. The question is this: Are seniors embracing these new kinds of technology, or does technology still have a ways to go to earn senior’s usage trust and enjoyment!






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