Ask Miss Avon Blog #23 Newest Under Construction Tech Emojis – STEAM, TEM, WIT

Dear Miss Avon
What is STEAM, TEM, and WIT?
STEAM is an acronym for Science Technology Entertainment Aptitude Money;  the senior technology education movement for age 50+; counterpart to STEM for high schoolers

 What are TEM Talks? 
TEM Talks, Technology Education Moments, is a blog about tech products & basic computer related skills and knowledge that benefit all humankind

What is WIT?
WIT refers to Wise Intelligent Technology usage and also Women in Technology;  a digital literacy citizenship project of 1Byte Computer literacy, Inc.; an acronym coined by 1Byte Computer Literacy, Inc. founder during the early 1990s to encourage women to pursue high tech careers in technology and the trades

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