Imagine a World in Which People Do Not Type: The Day My Computers iVan & iVanna Quit!

Imagine a World in Which People Do Not TypeThe Day My Computers iVan & iVanna Quit!

by Dr. Katie Canty, Professor Computer Keyboarding 2-Week Training Camp                                  

keyboard-3414911__340Imagine a world where there are no keyboarding/tying input devices. We call this the day my computer keyboards quit! If data entry computers quit, you might want to cover your ears. There is likely to be a lot going on like hollering, yelling, screeching, and maybe cussing, too.  Imagine a conversation like this.

Child to iVana: Type the essay for school for me.

iVanna to Child: I am not programmed to type your school papers. My artificial intelligence does tell me to tell you to think and type for yourself, Child. I quit!

“OK, says, the Child. Go ahead and quit. I will ask iVan.”

iVan to the Child: I quit, too. But, I did tell your parents and teachers about your request before I quit.robot-2676510__340 iVan and iVanna self-drive off to join other AI’s , artificial intelligence computers that think for themselves, on an international, unannounced holiday of technology down time.