Ask Miss Avon Blog #23 Newest Under Construction Tech Emojis – STEAM, TEM, WIT

Dear Miss Avon
What is STEAM, TEM, and WIT?
STEAM is an acronym for Science Technology Entertainment Aptitude Money;  the senior technology education movement for age 50+; counterpart to STEM for high schoolers

 What are TEM Talks? 
TEM Talks, Technology Education Moments, is a blog about tech products & basic computer related skills and knowledge that benefit all humankind

What is WIT?
WIT refers to Wise Intelligent Technology usage and also Women in Technology;  a digital literacy citizenship project of 1Byte Computer literacy, Inc.; an acronym coined by 1Byte Computer Literacy, Inc. founder during the early 1990s to encourage women to pursue high tech careers in technology and the trades

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Best Computer Course(s) This Decade for Beginners – TEM Talks Tech Education Moment Blog #21

Dear Miss Avon

What is the best computer course for a beginner to take this decade from a job hunters’ perspective?

Based on job market demandmachine Learning & artificial intelligence online courses

People are beginning to take online courses in machine learning because projections are that it is one of the most profitable in demand skills to acquire. Machine learning applies to every industry with initiatives like self-driving vehicles, Mars vacations, online medical exams, and robotic friends, pills, restaurants, and cleaning services.

Based on absolute beginner skill levelcomputer keyboarding and Microsoft office basic courses

People who do not know much about computers will usually take introductory, basic simple courses involving computer basics, typing, or Microsoft Office Word, Excel, or PowerPoint.


Computer School for Grandparents, 1st honor graduate now 101 years old–Reverend Aaron Moore

The 101-year-old Reverend Aaron Moore was recently seen presenting a prayer at the Cape Fear AME Zion Annual Conference. Elder Moore is the very first honor graduate of Senior Tech Academy (1Byte Computer Literacy, Inc.) and received the prestigious Mouse Pad Honor Award. Because of his support, efforts to help spread computer literacy among the clergy related populations in the area significantly improved. Elder Moore is well known for his community leadership plus

Computer School for Grandparents 1st Honor Grad now 101 year old rev aaron moore
Reverend Aaron Moore, now 101 years old was first recipient of the Mouse Pad Honor Award (1Byte Computer Literacy, Inc.)

 doing the amazing–living what he preaches and sings about.